Crimebo The Clown

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Crimebo the crime clown is an extra ordinary crime entertainer. From common thieves to the most ruthless mob boss or crimes that fall into the just plain weird, Crimebo makes it his business to know.

A native of Los Angeles, Crimebo sets himself apart from the "normal" clown world by looking at the world through masked eyes and a whisky induced fog.

What’s Crimebo up to?

Crimebo is enjoying the holidays all year round by taking advantage of you, the public, by offering alternative ways to share in holiday festivities, such as:

  • Birthday Parties

    What would be better than to have Crimebo make your special day even more upsetting? Nothing! Want to know what terrible things happened on your birthday or anniversary? Your guests will break down in uncomfortable hysterics as they play out a customised skit of some horrendous event. Crimebo will blow special birthday balloons and regale the crowd with stories of his unfortunate childhood. Birthday phone calls are also available, but do lack that personal slap and tickle.

  • Bachelorette parties

    Hey Ladies, looking for that special thing that will make your last night as a single gal truly unique? Crimebo will show you a wild night of pony rides, crime skits (where you can be the torso), adult balloon blowing and follow you around as you visit stripper clubs and get sloshed. Don’t worry, this clown has a no touch policy, at least that’s what the court order says.

  • Blind Date

    Did you just make a date with a stranger you met on the internet and are worried about breaking the ice? Let Crimebo do it. Crimebo the Clown chaperone will make that scary first time meet a first time experience in serious gut wrenching laughter. Rate your date with the clown fear factor: are they scared of balloons, are they bothered by non-utensil dining, are they fit enough to run away? In any case you’ll have a clown stand-by to look after your drunk loose self if the date goes bust, or to act as a photographer if it goes well.

  • Crimebo Santa

    Tired of the same old HO HO HO men in stuffed red suits? This Christmas, forget about Santa and invite Crimebo to come down your chimney or just in your door. Crimebo the Christmas Crime Clown will steal your holiday hearts with his soulful caroling and rude yule tidings. All the little boys and girls can take their turn sitting on Crimebo’s lap to tell him what they want for Christmas but only getting a true economic understanding of why there not going to get it. There will be fun to be had for all as Crimebo drinks all the eggnog.