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Dearly Departed Tours - The Tragical History Tour of Hollywood
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Company Description

Experience the delightfully twisted underbelly of Hollywood with Dearly Departed Tours!  Scott Michaels founded Dearly Departed back in 1989, specializing in dead celebrity memorabilia before launching the tour business in 2005.  Since then he has been pleasing stars and their fans alike with his irresistible combination of wit, humor and insight into the morbid world of celebrity death!

During the course of the 2+ hour tour we will be exploring close to 100 scenes of celebrity scandal and death.  We will relive stars’ most embarrassing moments (Hugh Grant, George Michael), drive by the sites of gruesome murders (the Menendez brothers, Sal Mineo, Elizabeth "The Black Dahlia"Short, Rebecca Schaefer), and scope out the locations where many celebrities took their last breaths before quitting this earth (Michael Jackson, Jean Harlow, Janis Joplin, River Phoenix, Bela Lugosi) and loads more!

There is one restroom stop where you can drop your trousers and reenact George Michael's most scandalous moment.  A complimentary copy of his arrest report will be provided to all DDT guests.

Keep in mind, Dearly Departed Tours is of an adult nature, so parents should be cautioned about subject matter, and possible language.  Not recommended for children who haven't learned of outdoor sex.