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is where they spent 80% of their time between 1931 and 1938

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Welcome to! Come on and explore Santa Monica and Venice as we bring their rich histories to life and show you how they were Then, and as they are Now.  For your convenience you can register and purchase tickets for our tour by going to the page and hit the Tour/Gear tab on the upper right corner. Please do not hesitate to call us at 310-749-9153 if you have any questions regarding the tour. We are here to assist you and look forward to having you join us for a tour which we feel is unique, exclusive, educational, and entertaining.

Our tours fill up quickly so be sure to reserve your spot today. We offer an enlightening experience and fun for the whole family. Our convenient pickup location is listed on page on the same page where you purchased your tickets. We hope to present Santa Monica and Venice, Then and Now, to you like no other tour can.

Our presentation includes video clips, still pictures and narrated descriptions of the amazing history of this beautiful ocean bay. You’ll learn about an early movie studio on the beach, the amusement parks that preceded the Santa Monica Pier, the first full length comedy film, and the first radio evangelist to reach a mass audience.

Anecdotes of bigger-than-life personalities such as Cary Grant, Amiee Semple McPherson, Charlie Chaplin, Orson Wells, Marlene Dietrich, Abbott Kinney, Marion Davies, Thelma Todd, The Keystone Kops, and the parts all these people played in the formation of this magical place. Included are features once central to life along the bay that have since receded into the past. The tour is 3-4 hours long with stops at Pacific Palisades, Santa Monica Pier, Venice and Muscle Beach. We’ll walk where famous movies were filmed. For example, although “A Touch of Evil” with Orson Wells and Charlton Heston was filmed right next to the beach in Venice, you’d never know it from watching the movie because it was filmed with the cameras facing away from the ocean.